Hello Everyone and welcome to Chaplains Corner. The reason that I am starting this blog is to share the word of God. The Gospel, “Good News,” needs to be heard by everyone. I will be sharing Bible verses along with my thoughts on those verses. You will also be able to see my opinions on things going on in the world. I am also a huge music fan and there may also be something to do with music on here to.

I am currently a student at Liberty University working on my Bachelors in Religion: Christian Counseling. Why you may ask? Well, I must ask you one question, Do you watch the news? We are living in a broken world. Murder, terrorism, sex trafficking, lying, stealing, and cheating, just to name a few of the problems in the world.  Genesis chapter 3 tells us about the “Fall” of man; Sin entered the world.

As a Christian Counselor my hope is that God will use me as His vessel to help some of the hurting people of my community. As Christians we are called to love others and that would consist of  helping the broken. After all, Jesus wasn’t just found in the churches and synagogues, he was seen with prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus meet people where they were, and so should we. These are all topics for later discussions. I encourage you to ask questions and make comments. The better the discussion, the more I have to do research and that will help not only in my studies but will also strengthen my faith.

As far as the picture that I have chosen, we have all seen them. That dusty ole Bible sitting on the table. If we are going to fix this broken world, we are going to have to dust them off and as it says, “Let’s Talk.” It is time that as Christians, we pull together and actually become the body of Christ and follow where the Head leads us.

Until next time, God Bless,

Chaplain Howie.


  1. Howard I am so proud of you for sharing God’s word and doing what he has called you to do let’s all go forward with Gods word .

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